Holding Seminar and Congress Service

Red ribbon catering can have 4000 guests per days with over a decade of experiences
Red ribbon ceremony can create booth, exhibitive structure and professional light and sound system
Red ribbon catering has experiences in decorating the flowers
There are lots of caterings in Tehran but most of them are in the west. About ninety percent of these caterings present wedding ceremonies and the others hold seminars and congress. Eventually there are just a few of them which present diplomatic ceremonies.
Among the organizers of the seminars and congress just a few of them have the permissions to work
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Seminars in the Cancer Hospital Mahak Charity
Celebrate the end of the year the Altech-Electric company
Celebrate for Schneider electric company
Celebration for Panpers company
Celebrating the World Cup in the Persian Gulf Hall with the participation of international artists and athletes
Seminar of Tamkar gas company ( CNG gas )
Celebrate Independence of the Bolivarian Republic Venezuela
Memorial ceremony for Khosrow Shakibaei with a large number of artists on the of cinematic Pardis Gholhak
Commemoration and celebration of master Jamshid Mashayekhi,with the participation of international artists athletes,in Beheshti
Funeral ceremony for Doc Jahangiri
Ceremonies of Mr damagh
Conference Renault Pars Company
Opening Electric Akhavan in Laleh Zar
Congress of diabetic foot ulcers
Unveiling Ceremony of the new BMW 4 Series
Opening Gorenje in Iran was attended by company officials   and His Excellency the Minister
Celebrate active youth Mahak Charity
The opening of Mandegar theater with the presence of artists and officials
The first national fire suppression conference in two days with 900 guest
and etc.
Choose a catering with good experiences for holding the congress, seminars, conference, international exhibition,…
You have a little time for holding seminars and congress especially for the opening ceremonies. In these cases, you should choose an experienced catering. In these situations it is better to not consider the cost too much to have the better ceremony!
For holding seminar, congress, conference and opening ceremony, you should choose your catering carefully. Reliable catering let you contact other customers to get more information so you can trust them confidently.
Others services
VIP and CIP dishes
Different Iranian and foreign foods
Accommodation for both domestic and foreign guests
Provide the event place based on professional design
Design memorial desk
Different indoor and outdoor lighting
Moving column and wall
Coffee shop with decor, serving a variety of natural fruit juices , tea , espresso , ice cream , coffee and ...
Flower decoration in bride and groom’s stand, flower ball, Ball of flowers suspended in water or air , flower decoration of columns and walls
Tea bar, Farahzadi snacks ( sloe, raspberry,..) , ice cream , Faludeh Shirazi )
Salon, gardens and a luxurious garden for special ceremonies, lobbies, hall,…
Kebab and bread
A full set of dishes for each person
Pop and classic music
Decoration of gate ( flowers, torch, candles,… )
Photography and videography
Stage and big screen
 Donner kebab ( Turkish kebab  ), chicken and beef
Chocolate bar
Cake from one to seven layers with special design for special events and wedding
Diplomatic Ceremony
Experienced personnel (welcome personnel, chefs for dinner and dessert, security personnel and bodyguard for diplomatic ceremonies
Invitation cards with unique design

We ensure the quality of our work
Dishes up to 5000 people
Large and industrial kitchen
Experienced personnel for 200 people
Audio systems
Exhibitive structures, roof and floor coverings
Lighting system
For information about menu click on seminars and congress menu in the site


Planning and designing ceremonies
What should the catering and you do before , after and during the ceremony
3D Designing the event place and Your requests
Cake designs
Guests gift

About us

Our catering and services include all events and ceremonies:
. Celebrating wedding ceremonies
. Diplomatic ceremony
. Holding conferences, seminars, events,…
. Celebrate feast and engagement ceremony
. Birthday celebrations
. Holding votive
. Iftar and breakfast ceremony
. Holding funerals


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